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Wood Grain Air Purifier - Novarian Decor

Wood Grain Air Purifier

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A humidifier mist maker is quite essential for each room in dry weather. Our humidifier is specially equipped with LED colorful warm nightlight, which makes it both stylish and practical. Place this item at your bedroom, study room, office and anywhere else you like, it will be a great way to sooth the tiredness and pressure with the comforting aromatherapy. 300ml large capacity allows you to add enough your favorite oil to enjoy the aroma diffusion. Ideal for home, office, spa and massage rooms, Yoga studio, hair studio, fitness gym, hotel room.


- Aroma diffuser. Drop some aroma essential oil into the water tank to produce fragrance for relaxing and keeping you a good sleep over the night.

- Air humidifier purifier. Replenish water for skin to keep skin healthy and moist. Create a clean and humid condition for your work place or bedroom.

- Easy operation of touch reaction. Plug and play. Turn on the functions of humidification and lighting for the first touch, touch it the second time to turn off the light, touch it the third time to turn off all the functions.

- Timer function and delay auto shut-off. You can set the timer with 4 hours delayfor convenient use, more safe and energy saving.

- Large capacity. 300ml container to hold enough water, you can leave it on all night and not worry about refilling.

- Colorful LED light function. Beautiful and attractive, add more warmth and color to your space.

- Wide application. You can place it at beauty salon, Yoga room, bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, conference room, office, reception center and more if needed.


- Color: Wood grain

- Material: ABS

- Size: Approx. 11 x 11 x 11.5 cm (LxWxH)

- Intput: DC5V.500MA

- Rated Power: 2W

- Water Tank Capacity: 300 ml

- Spray quantity: 50ml/h



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